Synchronicity: Sandplay and the Transformative Process

Schorer-Wright, Rondalyn (2014) Synchronicity: Sandplay and the Transformative Process. Doctoral thesis, Meridian University.

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The Research Problem for the study of synchronicity and sandplay was: In what ways might the creative process of sandplay facilitate an engagement with synchronicity? The Research Hypotheses stated: Exploration of sustained practices of engagement with the imagination reveals a willingness to attend to and be guided by synchronicity. In addition to Jung’s writings, currently there are numerous on-line sites that may be found for a correlation between synchronicity and imagination; for me this interconnection was arrived at over years of witnessed observation and experimentation. Imaginal Inquiry was utilized to create the four phases of research design. For Evoking Experience, a story of a memorable, previously encountered, synchronous occurrence was evoked. For Expressing Experience, participants created a sandtray with small images; then they dialogued, wrote and moved in relationship to their sandtrays. For Interpreting Experience, the Intuitive Approach, Narrative Approach, and the Condensation Approach for making meaning of the data collected were each utilized. For Integrating Experience a follow-up email provided additional data for participant’s everyday experiences that correlated with their sandtray exploration. The Cumulative Learning for the study states that creating with sandplay can engender a strong connection between the phenomenon of synchronicities and archetypal life. Four Learnings arose from the study. The first Learning posits that trusting one’s personal imagination, inner direction, and guidance is essential for an effective engagement with synchronicity. The second Learning states that the interaction of bodily awareness and focused mindfulness while engaging with sandplay can be helpful in creating a type of receptivity for receiving the unknown. The third Learning posits that the capacity to play can potentially be seen as foundational in engaging with sandplay and synchronicity. The fourth Learning discusses the notion that the process of engaging with sandplay as an inquiry into synchronicity can lead to experiences of emergence, rebirth, new opportunities, and healing. The research demonstrated how the use of imagination, coupled with willingness, created a certain capacity of interest and surrender for engaging with experiences of synchronicity for the people involved. Myth and sacred multi-cultural texts were employed to cast further meaning in the interpretation of the data.

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