Anxiety and Its Effects on a Contemporary Electra Girl

Culver, Pamela (2009) Anxiety and Its Effects on a Contemporary Electra Girl. Doctoral thesis, Meridian University.


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According to many theorists, anxiety is thought to begin early in life and can become overwhelming during adolescence, lasting into adulthood. This Clinical Case Study describes a two year therapeutic journey of an adolescent female. During this time she underwent a metamorphosis from an overly anxious girl into an empowered young woman. The Literature Review Chapter includes biological, cognitive/behavioral, psychodynamic, and sociocultural perspectives on anxiety, as well as imaginal approaches to anxiety. Key concepts and major principles from these perspectives help identify the ways anxiety is considered a psychological experience. Included here is Imaginal Psychology’s contribution to the understanding of how individuals experiencing psychic phenomena may be connecting to their experienced reality. The Progression of the Treatment Chapter details this adolescent’s struggle with anxiety and its resolution. This section highlights the themes, significant interventions, and turning points during the course of therapy. Imaginal Psychology’s contributions to treatment interventions were beneficial in supporting the client’s exploration of her vulnerabilities with acceptance and understanding. vii The Learnings Chapter addresses the lens through which the client viewed the world, and the anxiety from which she suffered as a result. There are three significant learnings that offer illumination of her relationship with anxiety. The first is how anxiety can become extremely problematic when a false self has been created. The second is the link that experiences of psychic phenomena may be the representation of what has been repressed. The third is how Electra girls (and women) can suffer crushing anxiety until their parental issues are worked out. The Reflections Chapter presents the Electra myth as the primary backdrop to the client’s life. The client began struggling with anxiety from an early age. Once she managed to process how the implications of this myth played out in her life, she was able to significantly reduce her anxiety. Electra is a myth worthy of close attention when working with girls and women who have undergone early trauma in their lives, particularly relating to their interpersonal relationships.

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