Integral Leadership: Generating Space for Emergence through Quality of Presence

Reams, Jonathan and Caspari, Anne (2012) Integral Leadership: Generating Space for Emergence through Quality of Presence. German Journal of Business Psychology.

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This article outlines a view of integral leadership as "integrity with a quality of presence that opens spaces for what wants to emerge". A focus i on describing Heifetz's notion of adaptive leadership as creating a holding environment for work to be done. This is framed in terms of how integrity, subtle energies and intuition combine with late stage ego development capacities to create a quality of presence that enables requisite spaces to be opened up and held. This view is contextualized in relation to existing discourse in the field and the authors' experience in leadership development work. In addition to laying a foundation for the view of leadership used, the concept of integral is examined in relation to integrity. This forms the basis for quality of presence, while intuition is shown to be an essential function in the authors' conception of integral leadership. Intuition is explored in relation to stages of cognitive/ego development, which are also explored in terms of their function and contribution to integral leadership. Future lines of inquiry arising from this conception are presented.

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Subjects: Business > Creative governance and leadership practices
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