On the Use of the Term Integral

Stein, Zachary (2015) On the Use of the Term Integral. Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 9 (2). pp. 103-113. On the Use of the Term Integral.

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Ken Wilber’s (2006; 1999; 1995) work appears at the confluence of several complex cultural trends, both in the academy and in the broader marketplace of ideas that constitutes our post-modern public sphere and civil society. In the 1990’s a polycentric movement began to emerge, catalyzed by Wilber’s ever-expanding theoretical edifice and voluminous writings. Generally speaking this movement is hard to characterize because of its heterogeneity and decentralized modes of cultural production and activism. However, one might clarify the class of relevant actors and artifacts by noting their frequent and significant use of the term Integral. Yet the term Integral displays complex and multifarious term-use patterns, and is thus richly polysemic. The goal of this paper is to make explicit what is entailed by a few of the most common ways people use the term Integral with the goal of disentangling a few co-occurring yet logically incongruous term-use patterns.

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