Process and skill: analyzing structures of growth

Stein, Zachary and Fischer, Kurt W. and Stewart, Jeffrey B. (2008) Process and skill: analyzing structures of growth. In: Researching with Whitehead: System and Adventure. Verlag Karl Alber, Munich. ISBN 9783495482209 Process and skill: analyzing structures of growth.


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People create complex behaviors from the actions of the brain, body, and world working together dynamically in coordination. They construct their own development and learning along pathways that can be observed, revealing laws that explain the construction of complex actions and resonate with Whitehead's descriptions of the processes underlying reality. Dynamic skill theory provides a set of tools to empirically analyze how people build their specific activities, using simpler structures to construct more complex ones - not just in the young but throughout the life course, not just over months and years, but in the moment. Each person acts in a variable range along his or her learning pathways, not with a fixed skill or understanding. Whitehead's concepts of prehension and concrescence resonate particularly closely with the processes in human action. A dialog between cognitive science and process philosophy can lead to new understanding of how people participate in their world and with each other, and how they grow and learn.

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