Submittal/Deposit Guide

Please take the following steps to upload/deposit new publications to the institutional repository:

  1. Go to Meridian’s Scholarship site:

  2. Click on LOGIN

  3. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD
    Note: If a username and password has not been set up for you, you will not be able to login. Please request a login by sending an email to

  4. Upon successful login, you will be taken directly to your homepage profile view. On this page you may edit your profile, add a profile picture, view your current publications, and upload a publication.

  5. Click the UPLOAD button

  6. Select the appropriate ITEM TYPE (article, book, thesis, etc.) then click the NEXT button

  7. Click the CHOOSE FILE button (select the file from your computer and click UPLOAD)

  8. Click the NEXT button to enter PUBLICATION INFORMATION
    Please enter as much information about your publication as possible in this form. Note that the only fields that need to completed are the required fields. The required fields will be highlighted with a star icon.

  9. Click the NEXT button to enter the appropriate SUBJECTS (add all that are relevant). You may use the Search button to easily find the appropriate subject.

  10. Click NEXT button> Click the DEPOSIT ITEM NOW BUTTON to complete your “deposit” into the repository.

  11. Success! Upon deposit, you will be taken to a preview screen, showing you a summary of your publication details. Once your item has been checked by the Institutional Repository Submittal Administrators it will appear on the public website (within 1-7 days)

Thank you for contributing to Meridian's Institutional Repository!

Any questions on submittals should be sent to